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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Portable Appliance and what needs to be tested?
In simple terms any item that is connected to the electrical mains by a cable and plug is classified as a portable appliance, although the name suggests that the appliance should be ‘portable’, in reality any appliance that can be moved without unwiring is categorised as a portable appliance.

The regulations cover all items of in-service electrical equipment Items such as PC’s, Monitors, Photocopiers, Fridges, Mobile phone charges, Fax machines, Computers, Music systems, Heaters, Irons, Drills, Kettles, Microwaves, Monitors, etc. In addition to being responsible for the safety of their own portable appliances, companies are also responsible for the safety of electrical equipment brought on site by employees and contractors.

What does Testing involve?
A visual inspection to check for damage and poor electrical standards followed by a series of instrument tests to check for less obvious electrical faults.

To enable testing to be carried out all electrical equipment has to be disconnected from the mains supply, we realise the inconvenience that this can cause, especially in a busy environment, and to minimise this, testing is carried out in its location. Microwaves also receive a free Leakage Test.

How often should I have testing done?
The requirements are based on principles of risk assessment and reasonable practicability. The frequency of inspection and testing required will vary depending on the type of appliance, its location, and its use. This can range initially from 3 months to 48 months. However, more and more businesses and organisations are adopting a yearly PAT testing policy to further ensure the safety of users and make certain their legal responsibilities remain up to date, and this would always be our recommendation.

Minor faults, such as incorrect fuse, badly wired plug, broken plugs found during the course of the testing are replaced/repaired as we find them and the appliance re-tested, at no extra cost.

Paper Work
All appliance are given a unique barcode number and labelled with a safety sticker PASS or FAILED. On completion of the testing you will receive an Electrical Appliance Testing Records folder containing, Certificate of Testing, Asset List by Location, Latest Test Reading, Failure Certificates (if applicable) and Notes. These can also be supplied on CD in a number of formats if required.

What is the cost?
We believe in a clear pricing structure with no hidden charges whatsoever which accurately allow you to determine the price you will pay. All charges are made on a per appliance basis, and are fully inclusive, and include Testing to IEE standards, Repair of Minor Faults, Labelling, Certificate of Testing, Asset List by Location, Latest Test Readings, Failure Certificates (if applicable) Out of hours & weekend service.

Fixed price contracts (price per item) are also available for periods from 2 to 5 years.
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